SINGLE REVIEW: James Blunt – Love Me Better


James Blunt is sort of the king of Twitter. If you aren’t following him or stalked his hilarious profile then you are missing out on some of the best insults and comebacks to “hate tweets” on the internet. I half think he should look into stand up comedy as a legitimate career but instead he’s releasing his fifth studio album in March and sadly is fronted by his weakest lead single yet. “Love Me Better” had real potential. Previously his lead singles have been big radio ready tracks that are euphoric or just perfectly emotional and this song just awkwardly sits somewhere between the two. Lyrically he tries to be sentimental, looking back at the time he truly fell in love and it’s truly quite sweet. And as a added bonus his vocal delivery isn’t even completely whiny on this track. But the production structure is where the song fails. The verses and bridge are captivating and chilled but then the chorus breaks into this half screechy vocal delivery where he whines “You love, love, love me, love me better”. And then there is this tropical dance beat that comes out of nowhere and I honestly got confused as to who I was listening to. it’s just a messy track with so many different ideas that it got lost in translation. I honestly just wish that he stripped this track back and recorded it as a ballad because the impact he wanted to create would have been a lot higher.


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