SINGLE REVIEW: Urban Cone – Old School


Urban Cone are one of my favourite bands and for good reasoning. Their debut album was an electronic fusion of slick tracks while their sophomore release was a collection of euphoric indie-pop. Their live show perfectly brings the vibes of these two albums together and gives you one giant party. They took a year off to work on their third instalment and it’s already promising to be their biggest yet. “Old School” is the lead single and first taste of the sound direction they are going towards with this release and it’s definitely the most mainstream their music has sounded. Now this isn’t a bad thing at all because they still hold onto their groovy roots with a funky baseline and just offer a bigger hook. “Let me love you old school, I know you will dig it. Let me take you downtown, date night, I will make it, make it all about you, everything I do”. They are one of those bands that make you feel instantly better after listening to them and this song successfully does that yet again. With their smooth harmonies and infectious all round sound it will quickly get stuck in your head and will undoubtedly explode in their live set. BANGER/10.


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