EP REVIEW: Bliis – Midnight Fantasy


Sydney trio Bliis have recently had a massive image rebranding with the departure of their old project Set In Motion and are going towards a more indie-pop directed sound. On their debut EP “Midnight Fantasy” the band say goodbye to the boy-band esq vibes and offer 3 experimental songs. “Lighthouse” is the lead single and the clear standout with its slick vocals, cool guitar riffs, banging drums and a slight dance breakdown in the hook which will quickly get stuck in your head. The vibes are set for your future summer anthems and a soundtrack for your long road trips but then “Cool” kind of puts a downer on that. The cheesy track channels the likes of DNCE production wise and while the song does grow on you by the end of it I still can’t get over the cheesy and slack lyrics. They try so hard to have a cool vibe (excuse the pun), but really what they’ve created is quite the opposite and goes back to the boyband format. But then they eventually make up for it with EP closer and title track “Midnight Fantasy” which continues the DNCE influenced production but in a BIG and improved way. This song will have you feeling all the euphoric vibes and wanting to experience it live with its perfectly curated audience interaction hook.

Serving as just an introduction to this new project Bliis deliver two very strong tracks and while one may be forgettable it’s still promising and worth discovering these guys.


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