SINGLE REVIEW: Tinie Tempah feat. Tinashe – Text From Your Ex


Tinie Tempah was a name you heard a lot. But recently his impact on the industry has become rapidly less and less. His third studio album “Youth” is due to be released next week with minimal promotional effort except for a single released in November 2015 and another one in Feb 2016…. Yep, that seems like some sort of promotional joke but it’s not. They were both respectively hits but do people really care that much nearly a year on? He’s dropped a new single assisted by RNB favourite Tinashe. “Text From Your EX” is a catchy track that is heavily focused around a hook which sounds incredibly familiar. His raps on the verses are a bit average as he attempts to bring the same flair his previous hits have had. Tinashe completely steals the show with her smooth vocals making you wish that this song was sung entirely by her. Maybe we will be lucky and get a solo remix version in the future but I feel like that is just wishful thinking. Otherwise this song is a bit forgettable and doesn’t live up to the level he usually offers.


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