SINGLE REVIEW: Paces feat. Nyne – Savage


After the success of his debut album “Vacation” Gold Coast producer Paces has released his new single which goes towards a more dancefloor ready sound. “Savage” is the song you’ve been waiting for all summer. It’s a departure from the more clean dance/pop direction we have previously heard from him and I can promise you that you will instantly have the hook stuck in your head, singing along to the lyrics “Do or die for you”. The song’s production may be harder but it also opens up a more commercial route for him with the song perfectly fitting into the current dance mould. It has moments of dance breakdowns, handclap opportunities for live performances and is lead by a great pop vocal delivery from Nyne. Not only is it the perfect weekend tune, it is also an anthem for the last couple weeks of your summer. Get on it.


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