SINGLE REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – Paris


It probably comes by no surprise that I think The Chainsmokers are very overrated. They were very lucky that “Closer” took off the way it did and ever since then they have tried to re-create that magic. It’s becoming kind of predictable. But lucky for them their new single “Paris” is just as catchy and just as likeable. While it may suffer from the same production elements and overall structure, what stands out is that it doesn’t overly rely on a female vocal to become memorable. Shocking, I know. However from the second chorus onwards a female vocal is added to help create texture and I’m not overly against this decision. Because Drew’s vocals aren’t strong enough as a solo artist to deliver the power and passion a song like this needs. If the Chainsmokers were do an acoustic track or a relaxed RNB influenced song then his vocals would probably thrive. But in the EDM/Pop world he just doesn’t reach the same levels as his peers. “They’ll say you could do anything, they’ll say that I was clever. If we go down then we go down together. We’ll get away with everything, let’s show them we are better”. In saying this, “Paris” is a tune. It’s the sort of song you want to blast on a road trip and you wouldn’t want to turn down when it comes on the radio. It does what it sets out to do and that is to get stuck in your head. Even though it already sounds familiar on a first listen you quickly forget about that and will more focused on singing along.


Recommendation; If you love Closer and the format of these songs then listen to Sody – Wasted Youth. You can thank me later

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