The New Year’s Resolution


At the end of every year we all reflect on the decisions we made, the mistakes we wish we could take back and the risks we wish we took. For most it can be a very vulnerable and emotional time where we unnecessarily over think and swear that we would do differently in the new year. So we come up with “New Year Resolutions” to make ourselves feel better and use it to deflect the emotions we are feeling. These resolutions usually last a week, maybe a month if you’re resilient. But then we return to making the same mistakes and as soon as we know it we are at the end of another year making the same reflections and making more resolutions. It’s a continuous cycle where we make these resolutions to feel better about ourselves and create the illusion that we are doing something to better ourselves.

But I want to question you, why does this have to be something we only reflect on at the end of every year. Because the reflections we are making are genuine, emotional and are things we can truly grow from but we continue to deflect and bottle them up.
Instead of using this time of year to publicize through your social media accounts about what you are going to do better next year it’s time to start making goals. You need to ask yourself;

What do you want to achieve in this new year?
Is the goal realistic?
How are you going to achieve this goal?
What do you need to do to keep yourself motivated?

We always talk about wanting to do things like focus on getting healthy, joining a gym, looking for a new job and travel but we never do them. It’s time we start taking ownership of our own happiness and listen to those inner reflections that want you to help better yourself. We live in a period where we are getting lazier and it’s time we take that back, turn it around and become motivated.

These New Year Resolutions you are making shouldn’t be a once a year realization you should be focusing on bettering yourself all year long.  You should be constantly growing and constantly reflecting on the decisions and mistakes you make. Listen to yourself, and actually want to better yourself. It is easier said than done but we live in a society where we are losing ourselves and constantly complaining via social media but we aren’t doing anything. I don’t want to be a person that is filled with regret and I try my best to live in the moment and constantly look at the positives even in a negative situation. I ask myself, what can I learn from this and then I put it into motion and while it may be a game of trial and error I know that I am going to be a happier person in the long term.

Reflect. Goal Set. Grow.

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