EP REVIEW: Sody – Youth


I may be a little behind the times in reviewing this songstress but when I discover a EP this good then I struggle to not get excited and write about it. At the young age of fifteen Sody hails from London and is delivering pure pop greatness on her debut EP. “Youth” is an honest and mature four track release that introduces her smooth and captivating vocals. She lyrically tackles some inner demons that I was unsure a fifteen year old could even relate to. Opener “Sorry” is a classic pop formatted song with the incorporation of dirty synths and an instantly catchy hook which will get stuck in your head. The lyrics are reflective, personal and have just a tiny bit of attitude that it becomes the perfect summer road trip song. “There’s a fire in my heart and it’s killing what we could be. We’ve been somethin from the start”. Second single and one of the most underrated songs of the year “Wasted Youth” is a collaboration with equally as talented vocal Martin Luke Brown. This song explodes with incredible melodies and big synth breakdowns that could give The Chainsmokers “Closer” a run for its money. I never really healed when it got too much. It took a thousand lies ‘til I’d had enough of you. And it feels like wasted youth”. “Settle Down” is more experimental in its production delivering powerhouse vocals and revealing break up lyrics. Rounding it all off with a stripped back ballad “Violent World” she discusses the moment where you let go of your youth. It’s a touching finish to an EP which showcases maturity beyond her years and cements the beginning of a major impact she is meant to have. Sody is a very exciting newcomer to the pop game and she won’t be a name you will want to forget in a hurry.


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