EP REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – TOPxMM  


“Blurryface” seems to be a never-ending album cycle for Twenty One Pilots with the band onto their third tour and no word yet on a fifth studio album. But to tie fans over for a little bit longer they have just released an experimental EP with fellow tour mates Mutemath. The concept for “TOPxMM” was to re-imagine some of the bands songs to give a fresh and unique take on the stories. And when two musical collectives come together with such a high mutual respect for each other the result is always going to be great and this EP is the result of just that. “Heathens” somehow gets a darker approach with a more stripped back accompaniment while “Heavydirtysoul” get’s a heavier reggae influence. “Ride” and “Lane Boy” got the heavier synth over haul making them more dance friendly but are also were my least favourite re-creations on this release. “Tear In My Heart” got the most interesting remake with a slightly swing and doo-woop sound with the chorus becoming anti-climatic but also working in their favour. There are a lot of difference sounds throughout this collection which truly highlights how incredibly talented both bands are.

This is a release for the fans. These are songs they love from a band they love. If you aren’t already a fan of Twenty One Pilots then these re-imaginations probably aren’t going to be for you. But if you loved the “Blurryface” album then your mind is probably already open to genre-bending and this is what this EP excels at.


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