SINGLE REVIEW: Steve Aoki And Louis Tomlinson – Just Hold On


Post One Direction life has been pretty great. We’ve had a killer debut album from Zayn, a predictable acoustic debut from Niall Horan while Liam Payne has knocked up Cheryl Cole and Harry Styles has been busy filming his first film. Throughout 2016 Louis Tomlinson has laid low and focused on the birth of his son but now it’s time for him to re-surface and give you the first taste of his debut. Coming just days after his mother passed away from Leukaemia “Just Hold on” is a uplifting EDM collaboration with hitmaker Steve Aoiki. The song is universally relatable looking at pushing through the difficulties that one may face. “What do you do when a chapter ends? Do you close the book and never read it again?” // “If it all goes wrong darling just hold on. The sun goes down and it comes back up, the world it turns no matter what”. The motivational lyrics are touching to some and cringe worthy to others but with the circumstances in his life right now it’s touching and fitting. The production is similar to fellow EDM tracks on the market and has the potential to top the charts. However the tracks downfall is the weak and whingy vocal delivery. Louis has never had the strongest vocals and being in a group helped hide that however on a solo record there is no where to hide and his weaknesses are spotlighted. Sadly this sound doesn’t suit his vocals and a more acoustic approach would have been more ideal.

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