SINGLE REVIEW: Kiera Weathers – You Gotta Be


After competing in the 2015 series of The X Factor UK, Kiera Weathers has finally stepped back into the spotlight with one of the funkiest pop releases of the year. “You Gotta Be” sees Weathers reimagining the 1994 hit from Des’ree and giving it the shiny delivery it deserves. Yes, you may be reading this and going “a X Factor contestant releasing a cover, how original” but for once this isn’t your typical Karaoke rendition. This polished and infectious version gives the old school track a tropical pop makeover making it a perfect addition to current mainstream radio. It undergo’s a full overhaul making the song almost unrecognisable, which is a great thing. Her vocals have a soul strength to them during the verses and a powerful pop delivery with the high notes giving her an all round edge. This is the perfect introduction to what i’m sure will be a promising 2017 for Kiera Weathers, just make sure you don’t forget the name.