After delivering a disappointing comeback single with the addition of new member Jazzy, American girl group G.R.L are going to try to re-introduce themselves to you again. Lead by a heavier urban beat “Are We Good” attempts to rival Fifth Harmony’s discography but they come no where close. Sadly, as a lead single the song falls flat at impressing and re-creating the euphoric vibes ‘Ugly Heart” offered and the deep emotion that powered “Lighthouse”. Their hype single “Kiss Myself” bombed because of the same reasoning. The structure is strong with good production hitting the listener with a brash verse and a catchy bridge but the chorus tanks harder than the Titanic. It leads up to a big beat drop, pitch change or the hook of the summer but it never comes. Instead the beat remains the same in one of the most anti-climatic musical peaks of the years. The potential this song had was crazy, all three girls vocals are on point in serving you sass, attitude and harmonies but the production is lackluster. In 2014 GRL  were my group to watch but after losing some key personalities it is proving to be an issue to re-create some of their past magic.


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