EP REVIEW: Nicole Millar – Communication


Nicole Millar is overrated. Yeah, I said it. The Australian songstress caught a break featuring on one of the biggest songs of 2014 “High with Peking Duk and since then she’s gained a lot of interest from opening for Troye Sivan and performing at some high profile festivals. But her performances are always lacklustre with average vocals and a awkward stage presence. Her previous EP “Tremble” was a dark and experimental collection that wasn’t received as well as it should have been. The follow up EP “Communication” sees her desperately trying to re-create the magic of “High” with tropical influenced dance tracks that fail to deliver a big pop moment. “No Bad Vibes” and “Signals” are the closest you will get to your “summer bop” but KLP, Jess Kent and Asta have already released stronger and bigger songs that makes Miss Millar quickly forgettable. The rest of the EP is average at best and is honestly a struggle to get through on a first listen. It has potential but the execution is where the problem lies.