EP REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Part 1


No one has had quite an impressive career in the music industry like Guy Sebastian. His discography includes multiple number one hits, epic collaborations, sold out tours, a judging stint on X Factor and some big overseas performances including Eurovision. His new EP “Part 1” is an experimental and impressive collection of tracks that sees him re-inventing himself towards a grittier EDM approach. Think The Weeknd meets Lenny Kravitz and that’s the sound you get. This whole EP serves as a homage to the constant muses in his life; his wife and his two children who he constantly reminds that nothing could replace them. “Candle” offers the most distinct difference in sound with it’s sexualised lyrics and dark synth breakdowns that perfectly collide with his falsetto. “She got that dress on to show her curves and she came backstage to do some work. I knew when she said hello she was ready to go”. This then translates into the explosive “Home” that takes the EDM influences to a new level. It’s a track that has potential to open new doors for him musically and as an artist. “Mind Of You” is minimalistic with production in comparison and offers a tropical sound that is currently dominating the charts. “Small Talk” is a good mixture of old and new elements and offers the best vocal delivery on this EP with his incredible falsetto. However “Conscious” disappoints with a lacklustre hook and “Set In Stone” follows that lead with an average ballad that struggles to evoke as much emotion as his previous ballads. Overall this EP is an adventurous and likeable affair that allows you to hear Guy Sebastian like you’ve never heard him before. It’s intimate lyrically but massive in production and you can’t help but be excited to hear what he has installed next.




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  1. I LOVE Conscious. It’s about his getting out from under church influence. Perhaps it helps appreciation of the song to know that. Overall, an excellent EP. I noticed Guy said recently he’s going to stop trying to please everyone. If this release is an indication of the new Guy, I cannot wait.

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