ALBUM REVIEW: The Weeknd – Starboy


Last year The Weeknd completely blind sighted me with his third studio album “Beauty Behind The madness” which captivated and quickly became my favourite album of the year. So when he announced he was oh so quickly releasing another record I was skeptical, worried and praying it would deliver close to the same emotion and power. And luckily “Starboy” has done just that. While he may be attempting a new synth driven sound that some may call more mainstream but others may call experimental he still gives you the essence every Weeknd album has contained. Sex and all the feelings. Opening with one of the hottest songs of 2016 and title track “Starboy” he pushes you into an electronic world but what’s important to know is that this not where the album peaks. “Party Monster” re-introduces the dark RNB sound his last album revolved around before “False Alarm” collides that sound with an electronica meets pop-punk influenced hook which EXPLODES. “Rockin”, “Love To Lay”, “A Lonely Night” and “I Feel It Coming” give you pulsating synths and convince you that this new sound isn’t a direction you’re mad about. But then album favourites “Reminder”, “Secrets”, and “True Colors” give you nostalgic vibes with songs that would’ve fitted perfectly on his last record. His vocals on these tracks are more natural and less auto-tuned which is one thing that has been sacrificed on this record. “Sidewalks” is a album highlight where he holds onto his roots and gives you a powerhouse hook with Daniel Wilson and a killer rap from Kendrick Lamarr. “Homeless to Forbes List, these n***** bring no stress. I feel like Moses, I feel like I’m chosen and if you ain’t my n**** then your girl single to me”. There’s so many things that could have gone wrong with this album with the time restraints and expectations. At 18 tracks long the album could have been reduced in length to have a bigger impact but are we really going to complain about having more The Weeknd songs? The answer is no.



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