EP REVIEW: Jess Kent – My Name Is Jess Kent


Jess Kent is a name you don’t want to forget and she is making sure that doesn’t happen with her fiery debut EP appropriately titled “My Name Is Jess Kent”. This five track collection is a great introduction to the pop, electronic, hip hop fusion she has created. Imagine if Lily Allen and Beastie Boys had a love child and that is probably the closest result to who Jess Kent is as an artist. The EP opens with the tropical reggae-trap influenced “The Sweet Spot” which has been hitting your airwaves over the past couple of months and if you haven’t heard it yet then all you need to know is that it’s a bop. “Get Down” is the song that started it all and while it has been out for the whole year it is still an essential listen. The bratty pop song serves you dancehall vibes, free-flowing spitting verses and one of the catchiest hooks of the year. With these two tracks being so independently strong I was half expecting to be a bit disappointed by the remainder of the EP but she proved me wrong and in a massive way. “Trolls” follows a similar sound as she gives a social commentary about the way we interact with each other and depict our lives through social media. “This ones for all you little shits, you know i love you all to bits. Cause your just trying to get your fix, hiding behind those fingertips”. But it’s the track “Bass So Low” that got me VERY EXCITED. Like I mean slut drop to the ground excited. This is a track that is destined to be heard live, played in a club and lose all your inhibitions to. It’s not meant to be serious so don’t make it be. The bass drop gets me every time and I truly haven’t been this excited about a song in a while. Closing the EP with the less bouncy and more rhythmic “Low Key” she focuses on a more hypnotic vocal delivery while still giving you a reggae pop beat. It rounds out the bratty-pop sound that she has stamped on the other tracks and shows why you should be taking notes. This is only the beginning for Jess Kent and she’s just proved why she is one of the most exciting pop acts in Australia right now. So you won’t forget her name now, will you?


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