ALBUM REVIEW: Bruno Mars – 24K Magic


Bruno Mars is a prime example of someone who has had a massive hit and has attempted to re-create it one too many times. “24K Magic” takes elements from his previous two records and implements the big band sound that “Uptown Funk” stamped. The title track is a cross over of “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” theme song and Macklemore’s “Downtown”. Now I know that sounds pretty epic but the delivery isn’t. He gives you funk and attitude but the structure is too similar to its predecessor that it becomes predictable and tired. “Chunky” and “Finesse” follow the same structure with it’s uninventive sound and gimmicks. However “Perm” impresses with its ridiculous hook, band breakdown and storyline making it a strong contender for a future single. “Throw some perm on your attitude, girl you gotta relax. Let me show you what you got to do, you gotta lay it back”. With this sound dominating the majority of the album there are a couple of songs that are RNB focused and strip it back to basics. “That’s What I Like” and “Versace On The Floor” are the albums strongest tracks and make you miss the old Bruno. But the cringeworthy “Calling All My Lovelies” and “Straight Up & Down” sound un-genuine and honestly just feel awkward. At only 9 tracks long I’m glad it wasn’t any longer as it already was a bit of a chore to listen to. “24K Magic” had major potential and a crazy amount of hype but it fails to deliver a memorable listen. There are a couple songs worth a listen but after that what your left with is an embarrassing attempt to re-create a hit. Bruno has become a memorable personality but his songs on this release are not.