ALBUM REVIEW: Little Mix – Glory Days 



Little Mix are undeniably the biggest girl-group of right now and they are continuing their global domination with the release of their fourth studio album “Glory Days”. Their last album “Weird People” failed to deliver cohesiveness and experimented with too many sounds that it felt rushed and unbalanced. However on their new record they have refined their sound and have finally found themselves as artists. I’m not saying that this album is perfect because it has its cringe worthy moments like “You Gotta Not” (I blame Meghan Trainor for this as she wrote it) where I found myself rolling my eyes or “Shoutout To My Ex” which made me question if they actually knew they were ripping off G.R.L’s “Ugly Heart”. However it’s an overall positive and fun record that will be the soundtrack of your summer. “Touch” and “No More Sad Songs” are the EDM pop tracks you didn’t know you needed in your life which helps makes the brash “Power” a clear standout because on their own it does sound like a completely different sound for them. “Down & Dirty” is a tad too adventures with its gritty RNB sound and after a few listens it does grow on you, but you have to actually get to multiple listens for that to happen. The album does have a strong doo-woop sound that the girls introduced on the last record with “F.U” and “Oops” (feat. Charlie Puth) being the strongest contenders for your favourite song. But for me it was the typical girl group pop ballad “Nothing Else Matters” that stole my heart. “Cause nothing else matters like us and nothing else matters like love. I don’t wanna fight, not tonight cause we’re having fun now”. I know that sounds cliche but there is just something about this track which produces a euphoric vibe and some emotion. “Your Love” and “Nobody Like You” follow it’s trend and perfectly wrap up this album. The deluxe edition may be skip-worthy with the below average tracks “Beep Beep” and “Freak” but it does give you a full concert film of their “Get Weird Tour” and that is solely worth the purchase because that tour was NEXT LEVEL. ‘Glory Days” is the strongest we have heard the girls sound as a collective and the album will have you bopping, grooving and feeling all the emotions.