Sydney songstress Asta has had a busy year with festival appearances and a coveted spot opening for Ellie Goulding on her Australian Tour but what we’ve been missing is new music. After a long wait she doesn’t disappoint with her infectious new single “Shine”. The groovy pop track produced by YEO is a step up sonically to her previous single “Wild Emotion”, forever chasing those funky vibes. The self reflection bop looks at growing up and being able to get yourself up when you’re down. “Sometimes we fall, but we get up, Cause we’re never ever ever gonna stop. Gonna feel what’s real, what’s in our hearts cause we are lovers from another place and you can’t take our stars away”. Her vocals are polished and perfectly go towards this more refined sound compared to her early raw material. The only thing I’m unsure about with the structure for this track is the spoken part in the third verse which is a tad anti-climatic. Otherwise “Shine” is a summer ready tune that brings the vibes and a ridiculously catchy hook.


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