In September 2015 I proclaimed that DNCE would become your new favourite band and I wasn’t wrong with that prediction. Fronted by Joe Jonas these pop infused glam-rockers have broken the mould for mainstream pop/rock injecting some much needed craziness in your life. “Cake By The Ocean” may just be the most ridiculous song of the past year but that’s why it worked so well and their long awaited debut album serves more of just that. Opening their self titled album with a self titled song only seems right for this band and I don’t think I will ever get over this song. The euphoric energy, catchy hook, oozing bass and nonsense lyrics help make it so likeable. So it’s safe to say my hopes were high and sadly the rest of the album just didn’t deliver. Previously released songs “Pay My Rent”, “Toothbrush” and “Body Moves” are the albums main highlights which is disappointing with a lengthy track listing of 16 songs. Cheeky tracks “Be Mean”, “Naked ”and “Doctor You”  closely follow bringing the same level of energy and infectious hooks. “Almost” delivers one of the more intimate moments and with Jonas’ vocals shining through this raw delivery it would have been nice to hear more similar to this. The rest of the album takes a step back and enters borderline cliché and cheesy territory. With track likes “Good Day”, “Zoom” and “Unsweet” I honestly thought that they should have released them under the name The Jonas Brothers because they were that basic. “Blown” sounds like a direct cover of a Smash Mouth song, and that isn’t a compliment while “Truthfully” tried to re-create the intimacy of “Almost” but sadly didn’t come close. With this project being in the works for so long I’m slightly confused why the album feels so rushed. It’s as if they went full heartedly into this crazy concept of sex, drinking and life and then half way through went “ooooh better not” and started playing it safe. The album isn’t awful, it has its moments. When they get it right, you will be shocked and wanting more and when they get it wrong you will want to press skip. The one consistency is that they are loveable and these songs offer great foundations for a very strong career.


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