ALBUM REVIEW: Olly Murs – 24 Hrs


It’s like clockwork. Every two years when Christmas approaches Olly Murs releases an album and sadly each year the momentum gets less and less. His fifth studio album “24 Hrs” has been released almost unknowingly in the over saturated pop market and maybe that’s a blessing for him in disguise because I’m going to put it bluntly for you, the album is very forgettable. While he experiments with a disco influence and further chases that Robbie Williams dream the songs are lacklustre and begin to morph into one. The uniqueness is missing and not even his captivating personality can save him on this one. The albums lead single “You Don’t Know Love” is the strongest track on the release and with its pulsing beat and big chorus it’s hard not to bop. But it’s kind of sad that it is as good as it gets because really it’s nothing that special in the big scheme of things. “Deeper” and title track “24 Hrs” follow in it’s footsteps and is the most memorable out of a disappointing collection. He attempts to re-create the formula that “Dear Darlin” used with “Years & Years” and creates a snore fest along with the cheesy “Grow Up” where he try’s to be sassy and controversial but just ends up looking embarrassed. I really wanted to like this album because Olly Murs is the real deal when it comes to showmanship but this album just doesn’t offer anything substantial. At least the disco beats are groovy.

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