SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – Human Touch


For the majority of the year Betty Who has been teasing the release of her sophomore studio album and if pop lovers weren’t already hyped they definitely became interested after her cover of “I Love You Always Forever” dominated the charts. Now you can get your first taste of what is to come with the euphoric and tropical “Human Touch” which shifts towards the summery beats that are currently infecting mainstream radio. The sound is definitely more dance orientated compared to the material on her debut album but it doesn’t sound forced. The structure is familiar with a baseline driving the verse before igniting a big synth hook and then a cool little breakdown before the final chorus as an excuse to get a high note in there which look, I’m not complaining about. The lyrics look at missing someone but in a more of a physical way and let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. “Oh, why don’t you come over? Baby be close to me, just like you used to be. Oh, one more night to hold ya, we don’t have to call it love, we just need a human touch”. The song is super catchy, relatable and injects some euphoric goodness that you NEED in your life.


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