MIXTAPE REVIEW: Tinashe – Nightride


We were promised that in 2016 we would receive Tinashe’s sophomore studio album “Joyride” but after multiple delays it’s been annoyingly pushed back to “early 2017”. However to hold us over to then and to remain us from eye rolling too hard she has released a mixtape that I wish I could say was worth the wait. “Nightride” is a collection of monotonous slow burning RNB songs that lack the fire she ignited on her debut album. In saying that, this 15 track collection does offer some strong moments but some is the main word I’m going to use. “Lucid Dreaming”, “C’est La Vie”, “Company” and “Spacetime” deliver these must listens with her sultry and powerful vocals accompanying slick harmonies. The rest of the mixtape is forgettable at best and lack memorable hooks or bringing anything remotely interesting to the platform. It’s as if she’s gone to her demo folder on her laptop and gone “okay these songs aren’t on the album lets release them” hoping to create hype but really what she’s done is just killed the hype and most likely put you to sleep. The concept was there but I just wish the experimentation was a bit more eclectic and a bit shorter than 15 tracks long.


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