LIVE REVIEW: Delta Goodrem – Brisbane Convention Centre


We live in an over-saturated market where there are so many pop shows that are all over priced and you leave a bit disappointed because you question was that really worth the money you just spent. And this is reflecting in ticket sales and the down size of venues that mega name artists are playing. We are living in a time where it’s all about value and while Delta Goodrem’s pricing may have been a bit extreme the show she delivered was in a class of her own. The Wings Of The Wild Tour saw Goodrem take to the stage for 2 and a half hours with no support act, just her and her band belting out some of her greatest hits as well as some of the new fan favourites. It was a simple pop show that focused on the raw talent on the stage with a few theatrics to visually package it together. Opening with “Feline” Goodrem burst onto the stage after a colourful video introduction announced her arrival. It didn’t take her long to hit the drums and signal everyone to get up and dance, after all she was about to sing a back catalogue of some of your favourite songs. “Innoncent Eyes”, “In This Life”, “Sitting On Top Of The World” and “Dear Life’ were early favourites but it was “Heavy” and Cats cover “Memory” that stole the show and had majority of the arena in tears. Her audience interaction was impressive and at one point she had everyone up on their feet while teaching them a dance to “Just Call” before jumping into the crowd to go to a b-stage where she performed a little acoustic session.

A couple of songs into the set she did something I’ve never seen an artist do before and that was introduce her band at the start of the show. This was because she wanted the show to have an intimate feeling and thought that the crowd should know who they were spending their night with. It was little special touches like this that made the night so memorable along with candid anecdotes about life and a little shade to Brian McFadden when she commented that the new version of ‘Almost Here” with the band was the way it should’ve sounded in the first place.

Her personality comes across very poorly on The Voice and it’s once you see her live and hear her ridiculous vocals that you understand why she is one of the countries leading performers. Throughout the whole duration I was in awe and constantly amazed by how captivating she was. It got to the point where I was just laughing at how insane her vocal runs were and that she managed to keep out-doing herself. 3 costume changes and 28 songs later she closed the show with Born To Try” and “Wings” leaving the crowd covered in confetti and with beaming smiles discussing how that was quite possibly the best pop show they’ve seen.


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