SINGLE REVIEW: Samantha Jade + Cyrus –Hurt Anymore


It’s been a quiet year for Samantha Jade and Cyrus who have both disappeared from the limelight to focus on their respective future releases. The two previous X Factor winners have joined forces to collaborate on a pop ballad that is aimed for chart domination but will it do just that? The foundations are there. The lyrics are heartfelt, the production is strong and their two vocals collide to harmonize and soar so powerfully. However in an over saturated pop market it takes a lot to stand out, and while it is a great song there are so many other great songs out there which are also getting forgotten.I don’t wanna feel this, I don’t wanna feel this hurt anymore”. The timing was all off for this release and should’ve been scheduled prior to the Christmas rush as it would’ve had a bigger impact. Great song, pure emotion, wrong time.