SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Neville – Fall At Your Feet



Transformed pop covers are becoming the trend for emerging artists to break the mainstream market and while that statistic is a bit sad it’s also great for exposure for spotlighting real talent without going on a tasteless reality TV show. Taking an iconic song and re-inventing it to give a new depth to the storytelling is not an easy task. Lucy Neville is an emerging indie pop singer who has succeeded at doing just that to one of Crowded House’s biggest hits. Every Australian and New Zealander knows the unforgettable chorus of “Fall At Your Feet” and the Sydney songstress has deconstructed the song to give you a tropical pop rendition. Layered with summery synths and a structured dance break down which will have you bopping along, you can’t help but just love this version. When you go into listening to a cover of a song of this caliber you have to remember that nothing is going to be better than it. You have to go into listening to it with an appreciation for the new direction because after all this isn’t karaoke. Lucy manages to keep the roots of the song with the emotion but transport the production to a modern pop twist. Her vocals are magical and if you find yourself intrigued then her previous single and debut EP may be up your alley. After all this cover doesn’t define Lucy as an artist (she isn’t a X Factor contestant) and if you take anything away from this track it is that she’s worth discovering.

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