SINGLE REVIEW: Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You


Experimenting with sounds and taking risks is always important to sustain a level of success in the music industry because you don’t want to be that artist who is labeled predictable. Gabrielle Aplin has learnt that pretty quickly. The songstress’s debut album was minimalistic and raw, her sophomore release was grittier and more guitar heavy but the direction for her forthcoming EP is a bit different. Departing from the bare-bones structure of her previous releases “Miss You” is a glittery synth-pop track which introduces listeners to a new side to her vocals and songwriting. The reflective lyrics looks at rediscovering your former self and goals, dreams and loves you may have had. Sometimes it’s something we all have to do to move forward with our lives and come at peace with our decisions. “Oh God, I miss you too. It’s all I ever do. I’m coming back to you and I won’t let go”. I was one of the few people who really enjoyed her sophomore album “Light Up The Dark” and loved the more fulfilled sound she was going towards. “Miss You” shifts her direction quite severely and while it is a TUNE I hope we haven’t completely lost the intimacy her older material thrived on. Because otherwise she is just going to become another indie-pop singer who is delivering reflective tropical pop tracks and we do have a lot of that currently.