SINGLE REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Dirty Mercy


The growth of Gin Wigmore over the past seven years has been an incredible thing to witness. Going from being a little New Zealand songstress with a big voice to becoming the un-missable soundtrack to some of your favourite blockbusters is a commendable effort. Her sound has evolved over time with a gritty and more rock influence on top of pop foundations that compliment her raspy and soulful vocals. After spending a year on the road promoting her third studio album she has surprised everyone with a new single. “Dirty Mercy” picks up where “Blood To Bone” left off and kicks it up around 10 notches. The song gives you all the attitude you expect while giving you that easily recognisable vocal delivery your airwaves have been missing. The chorus ignites a very powerful and amped up chorus That take me back to the raw essence “Gravel And Wine” had. There’s no word if this will be followed up with a fourth album as of yet but all I can say is that I’m glad she’s hasn’t left it so long in-between releases this time around.


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