SINGLE REVIEW: Bridgit Mendler – Do You Miss Me At All


Sometimes risks are worth taking and while I still may not agree with the choices she made on her comeback single “Atlantis” her new release is definitely worth the praise. “Do You Miss Me At All” follows the trend of a lot of current alternative pop releases with the raw band production and slight urban delivery. The songs emotion speaks for itself with a theme of regret and wonder. “But do you miss me at all? Do you wonder what I’m up to, without you? Do you miss me at all? Do you wanna leave a message on my phone saying I’m coming home?”. Instantly catchy and constantly growing on you Bridgit Mendler’s vocals echo the raw emotion this song embodies and shows an impressive growth from the young Disney star we were first acquainted with. If you’re going to take two things away from this release then let it be this; She is no longer a walking Disney informational and that is a great thing, and second of all she’s found her voice in so many different ways. This song is GOOD and redeems from the slightly confusing previous release and I cannot wait to hear the rest of her EP.


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