It’s been a long time coming for this rising rap-tress to unleash her debut album on the world but finally the time is now. Tkay Maidza’s appropriately titled debut “Tkay” perfectly captures the artist she’s become over the past four years. With a strong fusion of hip-hop, pop and EDM influences the album vibrantly jumps between catchy hooks, fiery verses, pure emotion and big beat drops. If you’ve experienced one of Tkay’s live shows over the past couple of years some of the songs will sound familiar with crowd favourites “Always Been”, “Monochrome” and “You Want” getting the studio treatment. “Monochrome” was my least favourite on the live set and this overhaul has brought the song to life and made it one of the standouts on this release. But the remainder of the album is brand new material that you’re going to lose your mind over. It’s a honest fact and inevitably will happen. “Carry On”, “Tennies” and “Supasonic” bring the stompy bratty pop-rap you expect and want from Tkay. But the direction of this album is shifted more towards a pop route. “Simulation” is the tropical bop you need for your summer while “At Least I Know” serves some serious “fuck you” vibes that you can’t help but get all up amongst. “At least I know that you weren’t right for anything”. The catchy “Follow Me” channels bubblegum pop and sadly makes “Drumsticks No Guns” even a possibility to be included on this album. But the albums strongest tracks are the pop inspired “Afterglow” and “Castle In The Sky” which creates some great sing-along moments and serves you some serious emotion.

There’s no denying Tkay’s talent and this album shows the eclectic range her material has adopted. And while this may have been a more pop directed release her hip-hop game is still strong and relevant. Hopefully we get to hear more of that next time around because if one thing is certain, Tkay is a force to be reckoned with.




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