SINGLE REVIEW: Peking Duk feat. Elliphant – Stranger


Electronic music duo Peking Duk had one of the biggest songs of 2014 with their Nicole Millar collaboration “High”. Since then they have experimented with different sounds and delivered the alternative dance smashes “Take Me Over” and “Say My name” both featuring Safia’s lead vocalist but ultimately they have come back to the same pop format for their next single. “Stranger” features Swedish pop/rap songstress Elliphant and gives you a big hook with playful lyrics. “Stranger could you walk me home. Even if we drift somehow, No I’m never gonna sleep alone”. While the breakdown is very similar and the beat format echoes the gradual intensity of “High” you really have to give it to them that this song is a SMASH. Everything about it is screams “HIT” and if you don’t instantly have it stuck in your head then I’m afraid that you’re listening to a different song. I love how Elliphant’s thick vocal delivery brings a level of seduction and sophistication instead of a clean pop delivery that could’ve easily made this song forgettable and TOO similar to “High”. I know I’ve done a lot of comparisons to their previous pop single but “Stranger” is in it’s own category and deserves the praise, streams and the top chart position.





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