SINGLE REVIEW: Little Mix – You Gotta Not


Little Mix may have taken some inspiration from GRL’s “Ugly heart’ on their lead single “Shoutout To My Ex” for their upcoming fourth studio album but it’s time I stop shading them about it. While you can’t argue that the two songs sound eerily similar, I also cant go pass the fact that it’s a unarguable hit. Trying to keep the momentum running the girls have already released the albums next promotional single and I wish I could continue saying nice things… Okay, its not that awful but it is written by Meghan Trainor so that already gives you a clear indication to the sound it embodies. “You Gotta Not” is a campy swing-pop track with awful cringe-worthy lyrics which I honestly thought were a click-bait joke when I saw them floating around on Twitter. “Do you still use a bluetooth? You gotta not! You love whitey-tightys. You gotta not! Cause they only show off your muffin top. And baby when you wanna start growing up we can boom, boom, boom, baby, fall in love”. But if we put that aside and just focus on the harmonies and production then the song isn’t that bad. It’s catchy and continues the direction they were going toward production wise for the first single. Little Mix have always been about self and group empowerment and this song embodies that. I just wish the lyrics were better and not so joke worthy. Next single please.