SINGLE REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Set In Stone


Guy Sebastian changed up the game with his last release, taking influence from the likes of The Weeknd and a more alternative and grittier approach to production. He received a lot of praise and recognition with ‘Candle”, maybe not the Top 10 mainstream radio nods he was wanting but I was hoping he would continue with this venture. Sadly he’s gone back to a simpler and more pop driven approach with his new single. “Set In Stone” is a clean-cut pop ballad that is made for a soon to be announced X Factor performance where he will give an emotional rendition then announce an album release date and coinciding tour. Now that’s just a guess but I would take bets on that actually happening in the next fortnight. It’s a decent pop song that honestly does sound like something he’s done before and isn’t ground breaking or overly inspiring. However the production arrangement is nice and his vocals are great as always.


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