SINGLE REVIEW: Dami Im – Fighting For Love


When Dami Im didn’t win Eurovision this year I don’t think I was the only one who yelled out RIGGED because lets be real, the girl was ROBBED. While it comes as no surprise that “Sound Of Silence” was not my favourite song she’s released and that’s mainly because of the cringe worthy “trying to feel your love through face time” line. But its okay, she’s redeemed herself with her new tropical pop single that is chart and radio ready. “Fighting For Love” is a step towards the pop direction “Super Love” introduced but failed to re-visit on her debut album. While I love her soaring and emotional ballads I do love hearing a fun, playful and empowering side to her. “Cause Love is the only thing I feel, I’m fighting for you. Cause you are the only thing that’s real, I’m fighting for Love”. My only issue with this song is that is sounds like 70% of the other pop songs that are being released at the moment so does it stand out? The answer is no. But it’s a catchy, fun pop song that does succeed in showing another side to her that doesn’t have cliche lyrics like her single “Smile” that should be forever forgotten.



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