SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX feat. Lil Yachty – After The Afterparty


It’s no secret that “Sucker” was one of the most under-rated albums of 2014/2015. Because it unfortunately got released in a overly-saturated Christmas market, people quickly forgot about it and not even the radio could save it with it’s constant airplay of “Boom Clap”. The album had everything her sophomore needed and did end up gaining a bigger fanbase for the singer. Taking a year off from the limelight to focus on the music she started her own label, put out some experimental music with producer SOPHIE and been slaving away for her 3rd pop record. “After The Party” is the first taste we have to this new era for Charli XCX and I want you to imagine a “We Cant Stop” 2.0 because that is what we’ve got and I’m LIVING for it. At a first listen I was totally unsure to how I felt or what I even expected in the first place from her “return” single. The production is completely different to what everyone else in the pop market is doing at the moment and not only does it make it stand out but it also makes you take it that bit more seriously. “After the after the party we’re gonna keep it going. We’re gonna rip it up, the neighbours might complain”. The hook is smooth, catchy and creates the perfect sing-along moment. However featuring an unfamiliar rapper with an unnecessary verse wasn’t the smartest move and I would’ve liked this song more without his overly auto-tuned appearance. Aside from that, this song welcomes Charli XCX back into your arms and gets you intrigued for what else she has planned for album number three.