KLP has been on my “Artist to watch list” for a little while now. And previously her songs have caught my attention but keeping it was a struggle. However the Sydney singer, songwriter and producer has created a EP that transforms her into a fucking pop star. “Ember” is a collection of songs that floats between the pop and electronic genres and fuses together elements that not only could be perfect for radio and clubs but will also explode in her live shows. Lead single “Ember” is the pop song you need in your life right now. It fronts that tropical beat and vibe that every single pop singer is incorporating at the moment but she owns it and has rightfully made this my favourite track of right now. It’s fresh, fun and totally her and perfectly segues into the second clear standout “Back In The Room”. This song leads a massive shout-a-long chorus that could’ve come across cliche but the oozing synths even it out making it one epic track. “Mindset (Took A Little While”, “Already There” and “Flight” are less pop beat heavy and focus on the harmonies and a more alternative approach. These are the closest you are going to sonically get to her previous material and show a growth in her songwriting and production. Closing off the 6 track EP is the Remi collaboration “Recover” which really introduced this increased pop injection into her music. And if you cant find a way to bop along to this song then you’re not trying hard enough.

“Ember” is a strong collection of electronic pop songs that sees KLP claiming her sound and giving you some big moments to discover in her live show.


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