SINGLE REVIEW: Icona Pop – Brightside


Icona Pop are two of my favourite Swedish girls and while their debut album was totally underrated they continue to release bop after bop. Their new single is less brassy as their previous releases and provides a more polished pop sound. “Brightside” may not be your typical Icona Pop single but it still gives you super quotable and relatable lyrics that show a emotional and vulnerable side to the dynamic duo. “I will be the rose to tint your glass. Spray paint the lawn to get a greener grass. I’ll be your brightside then ’cause all I wanna do is make you feel a little better”. But there is still a little bit of cheekiness thrown in there for good measure; “When you’re throwing shade, I rearrange the clouds”. The production incorporates the tropical influence trend in pop music that is overtaking the charts and your airwaves. It’s synth filled, super pop and while it may not be an instant favourite like most of their previous singles it is a song that deserves a few listens because it will grow on you.

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