ALBUM REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter – EvOlution


It’s not often that a sophomore album exceeds its predecessor but Sabrina Carpenter has done just that. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so hard because her debut was a cheesy mess that didn’t really allow the listener to get to know her as an artist but “EvOlution” re-writes those wrongs. Giving you sultry, sassy and experimental vibes, she really is coming for Selena Gomez’ throne. “On Purpose” is a BIG pop song that drops an infectious hook experimenting with the tropical island dance vibes that are currently popular in the pop world and the absolute banger “No Words” backs that up. “Feels Like Loneliness” then changes it up and gives you the love child of Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” and “Selena Gomez “Hands To Myself” which is just as magical as imaginable. A jazzy/pop/dance genre is then created and “Thumbs” and “Space” continue the finger clicking and dance breakdown which will have your body grooving. One of the songs I was most impressed with was “Don’t Want It Back” because you can hear the growth in not just her vocals but the songwriting. The premise is very basic and this could’ve been very tacky and immature but the sophisticated production and vocal delivery rejuvenates this track. “You give me a reason to feel what I feel when everything is under attack. You got my hearth, I don’t want it back”. Her risks didn’t always pay off though and “All We Have Is Love” is a clear example of this with it’s cringe worthy lyrics and production as well as the forgettable ballad “Shadows” failing to leave an impact. Carpenters vocals have come a long way and this album shows a major growth in maturity and experimentation. The beautiful ballads “Run And Hide” and “Mirage” are a perfect example of this hard work and risks in the career development of an artist who could’ve just remained in the “Disney” box. And to think I nearly didn’t press play on this album because I thought it was just going to be another flavourless Disney record…. She proved me WRONG.

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