SINGLE REVIEW: The Vamps – All Night feat. Matoma


When The Vamps bursted onto the scene with their debut album they seemed unstoppable with their catchy hooks, cheeky lyrics and their heavenly looks. But then their sophomore studio album happened. And while their looks hadn’t changed, their sound got kind of…. well boring. With low album sales and a distinctively smaller touring route the band is ready to try again with album number three. Lead single “All Night” introduces a heavier dance sound to the usual pop/rock defined group. Featuring the production work of Matoma they’ve become reliant on a beat drop and gimmicky hooks which I cant help but think that wasn’t the best direction to go. “All night, no sleep cause I feel like I’m always dreaming. Wide awake, that’s okay, as long as I’m with you”. The song is mediocre at best and has a catchy enough hook to please their fans but in regards to winning new ones over, that probably isn’t going to happen. Since DNCE have moved on the scene The Vamps really need to step their game up. Because they are doing catchier pop/rock songs with cheekier lyrics and better stage presence. They want you to listen to this track all night (I’m punny, I know) but just once is okay.


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