SINGLE REVIEW: The Veronicas – On Your Side


The Veronicas gave you EDM-Pop realness and a whole lot of feels on their last bop “In Your Blood” and whilst they have been a bit quiet recently they are ready to do it all over again. Their fourth studio album is slated for a early 2017 release and the duo’s second single continues the euphoric pop approach their last single spotlighted. “On Your Side” is dedicated to those exes that you know you can’t be with but still wish them well with no hard feelings. “I remember the night when you packed all your bags in the doorway. Said I don’t wanna fight you can leave, but remember I’m always on your side”. The chorus explodes a tropical club ready beat which is on par with the production of their last single. The structure is fun and euphoric but finishes quite abruptly and could have benefited from an extra chorus or beat drop to keep the momentum going and not finish so prematurely. This is the most “commercial” we have heard The Veronicas but thats not a bad thing. I love this direction they are going towards as it shows a more playful side in their production while still offering heartfelt and quotable lyrics. And don’t lie, it got stuck in your head after a first listen too. So yes, it is a certified banger.

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