ALBUM REVIEW: One Republic – Oh My My


The wait between One Republic’s last album “Native” and their follow up fourth studio album has been long and blatantly overdue. “Oh My My” is a heavy produced pop/rock collection that floats between experimental and predictable. Ryan Tedder is a lyrical genius who has produced some of the biggest and best pop songs over the last 10 years so you do expect a particular calibre when it comes to his own material. Their last record was super quotable, relatable and while it spotlighted their career this new album reaches toward their next goal; arenas and stadiums. The sound they are trying to immolate is similar to the likes of Coldpay and Imagine Dragons but what they’ve ended up creating is an album of recycled and predictable hooks and beats. “Kids”, “Choke”, A.I”, “All These Things” and “Heaven” lead the pack with uninspired sounds and lyrics that are borderline tacky. But they do give it their best crack and have produced a few tunes that will impress. Lead single “Wherever I Go” introduces the experimental elements and album highlights “Human”, “Dream”, “Lift Me Up” and “Future Looks Good” continue these euphoric ideas. Some of their experimental ideas didn’t really get the delivery they needed including “NbHD”, Better” and title track “Oh My My” which really could’ve been left on the cutting room floor to shorten this lengthy track-listing. Their last album had heavy folk influences and opening track “Let’s Hurt Tonight” reintroduces that sound but sadly it’s the only one of it’s kind on this offering. They’ve replaced those festival vibes with a more stadium inclined direction. One thing One Republic are known for is their emotional pop ballads and this album delivers two stand out moments, “Born” and “Fingertips” which both provide nostalgic lyrics and simplicity in the production. There was always going to be high expectations surrounding this release and I personally loved “Native” and their debut “Dreaming Out Loud” so I was aways going to critique this one a bit harder. But the direction they’ve gone toward is not one I’m 100% feeling. But as a listening experience it’s still enjoyable and will create a few great sing-alongs.


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