SINGLE REVIEW: Bruno Mars – 24K Magic


The return of Bruno Mars was highly anticipated and maybe a tiny bit over hyped. “24K Magic” isn’t entirely what you expected or wanted. Think “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” theme song crossed with Macklemore’s “Downtown”. Now I know that sounds pretty epic but the delivery just isn’t. He gives you funk and attitude but the structure is too similar to “Uptown Funk” that it comes across predictable and tired. I was really hoping for an emotional pop/RNB track like “Grenade” or a down right banger like “Locked Out Of heaven” but instead we got a hot mess. Like look, it is a tad catchy and I’m sure radio will thrash it enough to brainwash you to like it but the premise is really about showing off how much money he’s got to throw around. Riveting. “Ooh shit, I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket. So many pretty girls around me and they waking up the rocket”. It lacks substance, originality and is really just a marketing scheme to turn that 24 karat to 48 karat to be honest.

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