LIVE REVIEW: Ellie Goulding – Brisbane Riverstage


No longer are the days that Ellie Goulding walks onto the stage accompanied with her guitar and awkwardly serenades the crowd. Now when she hits that stage she is a mother fucking popstar and for those two hours she commands your full attention. The Delirium World Tour sees Goulding stepping up her game and offering a show that rivals some of pops leading names. Opening with “Aftertaste” the songstress appears on stage as a sillueltte before the curtain falls to reveal her and her cast of 4 male dancers and full live band. For the first section of the show she launches straight into it with “Holding On For Life”, “Something In The Way You Move”, “Outside”, “You My Everything” and an acoustic rendition of “Devotion” only briefly stopping to welcome the crowd. After a brief video interlude her dancers lead her back onstage with a colourful costume change and give highly choreographed performances of “Keep On Dancin” and “I Don’t Need Nobody” which she surprisingly didn’t look too awkward delivering and seductively killed. Her Dancers then offered an emotional performance of “Heal” before Ellie re-appeared in a white wedding dress for the night’s intimate section. Performing fan favourites “Explosions” and “Army” she also treated the crowd to her new single “Still Falling For You”. Introducing her guitarist Chris she sat down to perform half of “Lost And Found” acoustically before running off stage for the nights final costume change while the band launched into a full live version. Returning to the stage with her electric guitar she rocked out to “Figure 8” before giving an amped version of “On My Mind” which side note is 100% better than the overplayed studio version. The last stretch of the show saw fan favourites “Codes”, “Don’t Panic” and “Animal” ignite the crowd before the hits got pumped out. Closing the show with “I Need Your Love”, “Burn”, Anything Could Happen” and “Love Me Like You Do” she reminded everyone that she is not only one of the strongest vocal pop acts out there, she is also one of the most energetic. The audience interaction was low due to time restraints with the venue being outdoor and having a curfew but when she did she was gracious, funny and genuine. She mentioned she was impressed by the lack of people holding their phones up filming and taking photos as it took away from being there in the moment and encouraged everyone to do the same during the final few songs. The show was energetic, theatrical and showed a massive growth in her performance skills. Not only did you leave the venue covered in confetti you also left with her vocal riffs stuck in your head and wanting to experience that show all over again.


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