SINGLE REVIEW: Niall Horan – This Town


While the world is starting to forget Zayn Malik’s solo career another ex One Direction member has surprise attacked the world with an announcement of his solo project. Niall Horan has been very quiet while he’s been globe trotting on a well deserved holiday where he notably stayed in hostels and blended in with the locals. His first single is a simple acoustic track that echoes the sound of Ed Sheeran. While his vocals are smooth and have majorly improved since the early days of 1D there is just something about this song which is majorly flat. It may not be his vocals that are flat but the song just lacks that extra “wow factor” or emotional level that is really needed to make this debut single memorable. One Direction fans will disagree with me because they took a blood oath in 2011 but honestly I just expected more. Zayn’s lead single was a TUNE while the rest of his album was experimental and I honestly think Niall should have gone down the same path with his promotional tactics. “This Town” may not be a total dud but it’s definitely not memorable.


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