GRL had the potential to be one the industry’s hottest girl group but after the death of Simone Battle, Fifth Harmony took that place. With the disbandment and line up change original members Lauren Bennett and Natasha Slayton have revived the group with new addition Jazzy Meija. The trio’s first single is a mid-tempo RNB/dance track that channels the moves of some of the hottest songs out right now. “Kiss Myself” had the potential to be a really great song but with a production that only feels half done this song fails to re-create the catchiness of “Ugly Heart” or the raw emotion of “Lighthouse”. With it’s lacklustre tropical carribean beat the song doesn’t explode like it should in the hook and doesn’t really have a distinctive structure break up. it all really blurs into one monotonous repetitive sound. I’ve always loved what GRL have done in the past but this track just isn’t that great and sound’s rushed for something that has been in the “works” for a while now.


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