DNCE have stood by their bold statement and have become your favourite new band with their infectious hooks and ridiculously captivating live performances. They’ve finally confirmed the release of their debut album in November and the first single is here, and no surprise, it’s catchy. “Body Moves” continues their funk sound with a big pop hook that will be stuck in your head after a couple of listens. It’s not as bold as “Cake By The Ocean” or “Toothbrush” and is somewhat more subtle lyrically but it’s still got their tongue in cheek style that you’ve fell in love with them for. “I don’t need it but you know how bad I want it. And your touch has got me haunted but I like it. Coming home with me we’ll rock them body moves”. With it’s seductive sound and mainstream appeal this song will have a wider demographic clicking play on their music and forgetting that Joe Jonas is the lead singer. If you are still sceptical I can confirm that DNCE are the real deal. After witnessing them tear up the stage opening for Selena Gomez I was convinced that these guys are not just a one hit wonder and that they really do have potential to be headlining arenas near you soon.

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