SINGLE REVIEW: Jsutta – Distortion


Ever since the disbandment of The Pussycat Dolls I’ve been keeping tabs on the dolls’ solo projects and Jessica Sutta is someone who constantly impresses me with her passion and creativity. While some of her videos may just be absolutely wacky (Youtube “Feline Resurrection”, I dare you) her creative ideas are strong and dominant (Youtube “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover”, hint….. there’s a plot twist). Her last single “Forever” brought back the tropical dance vibes and gave you one of the most under-appreciated pop songs of the year. Like, that beat drop truly deserved radio justice. But she’s just dropped another banger that experiments with a similar structure and is just as catchy. “Distortion” is one of those self explanatory named songs, it’s a pop-dance song with distorted synths, a smooth pre-chorus and a beat drop that is club ready. “We do what we want. Turn that shit on, cause i wanna feel more than I’ve ever felt before”. The only thing this song could have done without was the heavy vocal effects during the first half of each verse, and maybe the word “penetrate”. It could’ve had a more intimate approach with a clean vocal delivery before launching into the big chorus. But with each listen this song grows on you with it’s catchy hook and beat that makes you want to drop low and roll around on the floor.

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