SINGLE REVIEW: Havana Brown – Like Lightning


We all can appreciate a bop and Havana Brown has had her fair share of them. Recently her music hasn’t been making the same impact “We Run The Night”, “Warrior” or “Big Banana” had but she’s been experimenting with different sounds and going towards a more camp dance-pop direction. Her last single “Battle Cry” impressed with unique production and a soulful delivery but was over saturated by features that didn’t actually bring any different textures to the sound. “Like Lightning” echoes the production of Kylie Minogue and Madonna with a pure pop hook that is made for summer. And it’s no surprise really that this song has strong potential once you look at the writing credits and see Kesha’s name. It almost makes you want to like the song more. “It’s like every little thing you do makes me feel funny like I’m back at school. I just want me and you. What’s the point of love unless you tell the truth”. The verse’s are driven by a tropical beat which seems to be the in-sound for pop-dance tracks. Also apparently every female pop song needs a rapper guest feature recently and this song has an unwanted and un-needed guest feature from Darwin and really could’ve had the same impact without him. #SorryAboutIt. This is a feel good pop song that will have you transported to a little island of paradise for 4 minutes where the more your drink the catchier it gets.


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