SINGLE REVIEW: The Pretty Reckless – Oh My God


The Pretty Reckless have transformed their sound completely over the past six years since their impressive debut onto the rock scene. Fronted by Taylor Momsen, the band has always had that “we will do whatever the fuck we want” attitude and it’s always worked for them. But look, I’m getting a bit bored. The bands third studio album “Who You Selling For” is out October 21 and delves into a darker and heavier realm of alternative rock. It sounds like they’ve forgotten about hooks and just added grittier guitars. All their songs are beginning to sound the same and I’m not sure if I’m even going to be able to tell a distinctive difference from their last album to the new one. Their new single “Oh My God” is a perfect example of this and everytime I listen to it I get increasingly more disappointed. At least there is one consistent strong variable with their music and that is their songwriting. it’s always been defined by sexuality, coming of age, society and how fucked up the music industry can be and this song mixes all those ideas together. “Oh my god wish I could think, wish I could do something smarter than sing. But I’m just a face, painted in mud, don’t try for perfect it’s never enough”. Maybe the album will surprise me, maybe it won’t. Let’s just hope they’ve got more than this to “impress”.



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