SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Henderson – Light Up The Dark


Things have been a bit quiet from the Taylor Henderson camp over the past two years since the release of his all original album “Burnt Letters”. His touring schedule was extensive but he’s been in the studio writing and recording the follow up sophomore release which is due to be unveiled shortly. On top of all of this he has filmed a cameo in the upcoming Australian motion picture “Spin Out” which is a massive platform to release his new lead single. “Light Up The Dark” is an infectious pop song that boasts a massive chorus and a fulfilled sound that was lacking on his debut record. The essence of his acoustic roots is still in-tact but the production takes this country boy to new heights. “We got the spark, got the flame, got the fire and our love will light up the dark”. The lyrics are a bit cliche but for a love anthem what else do you expect? It tugs at the right strings and succeeds at becoming very memorable. It’s the song you’ve been waiting for him to release and finally sees him slightly standing out of his comfort zone and taking some risks. If this is any hint at the direction Henderson is going towards for the new album then this may just be the start of something very big for him.